Help California fix money bail, a terrible part of our criminal justice system that not enough people know about

*** Update 8/30/17: Governor Brown and Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye support passing bail reform! We still need your help to push for a bill that dismantles and replaces the worst parts of the current bail system. Add your name. ***

Our Jewish tradition calls on us to challenge the status quo when it is profoundly and profanely unjust.

The system of money bail in California is exactly that: profoundly and profanely unjust, especially for poor people and communities of color. And there’s a bill that would fix it that needs our support to pass.

The California Money Bail Reform Act of 2017 (SB 10) is a groundbreaking bill to reform our money bail system. It would make sure no one loses their freedom because they are too poor to pay bail. We know the cost can be losing their jobs, homes, custody of their children — even their lives, like Sandra Bland and Kalief Browder.

Money bail is an issue that sits at the intersection of mass incarceration, poverty, and the corporate greed of a multi-billion dollar bail bond industry.

In California, you are forced to pay money for pre-trial freedom. If you can't afford it, you must sit in jail. 63% of people incarcerated are sitting there waiting for their trials to begin. The alternative is taking a high-interest, short term loan for a bail bond fee that you still owe, even if you show up for court, and even if you're found innocent.

Now, as SB 10 moves through the State Assembly, we call on our Assembly Members and Governor Brown to support bail reform. As President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions advance their destructive national agenda, California must continue to lead the way in reforming our broken criminal justice system.

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Sign the petition: Jews in California demand money bail reform

To the State Assembly and Governor Brown:

When people are held in jail before their trials, they can lose everything, even their lives. California’s money bail system tears families apart — especially if you are poor or a person of color. No one deserves to be in jail because they can’t afford bail. We must dismantle this unjust system.

As a member of the Jewish community, I’m calling on you to pass SB 10 so that California can continue to lead the way in reforming our criminal justice system.

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