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  • Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 01:00 PM
    Tifereth Israel in Washington, DC

    Get out the vote for Northam

    We are canvassing and getting out the vote for Ralph Northam (VA Gubernatorial candidate) and David Reid (VA District 32 delegate candidate). Meet at Tifereth Israel at 1 and carpool together. We will be back before 5.
    It has been very notable in our door-to-door conversations and phone calls with folks in VA that many are not aware that there is an election this year! Our problem is not in the percent of the populace, our problem is getting their voices heard. There is a lot of gerrymandering in VA that has resulted in something like a Dem vote being worth half that of a Rep vote (according to Timothy Snyder, historian and author of On Tyranny). So we need to pave the pavement and get folks to the polls.  
    More on why it is important to help VA even if you don't live there:
    • Virginia's unfair voting laws make Democrats’ votes count for less. No citizen has equal representation until all have equal representation.

    • We're all connected. Virginia's semiautomatic weapons and pollutants cross state lines.

    • Virginia is the first "flippable" state. The Governor and all 100 seats in the VA House of Delegates are up for election THIS November.

  • Wednesday, August 02, 2017 at 12:00 PM
    Online video call

    Jewish Resistance Table Launch

    The Jewish Resistance Table is a platform to help us organize and amplify a wide-reaching, morally courageous and effective Jewish response to face this unpredictable and existential time. You have a role to play. Join us.

    We will be joined by Ai-jen Poo, Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and co-founder of Care in Action. Ai-jen was named on the "Time 100" in Time Magazine, as well as Newsweek's "150 Women who Shake the World." She is also the recipient of a MacArthur genius award.

    WHY: During a time of unprecedented threats to our democracy and constitution, the elevation of violence against vulnerable communities (including but not limited to immigrants, Muslims, people perceived to be Muslim, people of color, Jews), the rise of white nationalism, and the visible role Jews are playing in this Administration, we need a powerful and compelling Jewish Resistance to meet this moment.

    Rooting our conversations, interactions, and strategies in our Jewish values, the Table will be a space to connect, share ideas, test strategy and generate momentum so that others may join us. While the organizations and formations who join the Table may have significantly different theories of social change as well as methods for addressing our current crisis , we come together with the shared recognition that we believe the Jewish community has a meaningful role to play in mitigating and opposing some of the most egregious changes taking place in our country. You have a role to play! Join us!

    WHAT: A new table, convened by Bend the Arc Jewish Action and hosted by Bend the Arc CEO Stosh Cotler, to grow and strengthen a Jewish response to face this dangerous and existential political moment.

    WHO: If one of these describes you, we invite you to join this table:

    • You are in a senior leadership role of a Jewish organization working to oppose some or all of the dangers activated by the current Administration and/or its supporters
    • You are a an individual leader who has gathered 10 or more people to take sustained action
    • You are an individual leader who has a platform that reaches over 100 people to take sustained action

    WHERE: We are hosting the Jewish Resistance Table using video conferencing technology. We know that building relationships and/or having meaningful conversations can be challenging when we are not together in person, so we are requiring all participants to join via video with their cameras turned on. Thank you for understanding this motivation and helping us create the best environment for success. If for any reason your lack of access to technology is a barrier to your participation, please let Andrea know at

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