Tell Congress: American Jews reject Trump’s Muslim Ban and Jeff Sessions

President Trump’s cruel and immoral anti-Muslim executive order decides who is welcome in our country based solely on their religion or national origin, which is illegal and fundamentally un-American. Trump’s attacks on these basic principles run counter to everything we believe in as American Jews.

The order includes a temporary ban on anyone trying to enter the country from one of seven Muslim-majority countries and has led to the unlawful detainment of legal permanent residents.

Not only must every Senator be on the record against this Muslim Ban, but they must vote against Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, who supports this executive order. This is not a man we can trust with our civil liberties.

Take action now. Call on your Senators to speak out — immediately — in opposition to these policies. Use our call tool and script, and if you wish, add your personal story when calling. Help flood Congress with calls — this is not the moment to be silent.

Updated on 1.30.17 to reflect the inhumane impacts of the executive order and the role of Jeff Sessions in supporting the executive order.

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