If I get on a bus, what should I expect my experience will be like?


You will connect with others who are motivated to take action rooted in Jewish values, have your transportation and housing needs handled, and be put to work helping elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump.

All buses will be equipped with bathrooms, wireless internet, and temperature control (heat or AC as necessary) and be wheelchair accessible. Ride times are estimated on each state sign-up page (or if they haven’t, they will be soon!). When you get on the bus, you will be greeted by a bus captain, receive a t-shirt, a light snack and water. Please wear comfortable clothes so that you have a relaxing ride.

Once you get to the site where the canvassing will happen, you will be trained, so if you’ve never canvassed, or taken any political action to talk to voters before, worry not: we’ve got you covered!

The majority of our time will be spent “in the field”, meaning having 1:1 conversations with voters to let them know where their polling locations are, helping them get concrete about their plan to vote, and to remind them that election day is right around the corner and their voice and vote counts (there will be script to guide your conversation).

That night, we’ll come together to debrief our experiences that day, and there will be an evening activity. Hotels will be provided for volunteers on the bus trip (see more below). The following day, we’ll pack up all of our belongings, do a second shift, and then head back to home.

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