Help make a powerful video to show our solidarity against Trump

The day after the election, we posted an open letter from American Jews vowing to stand with everyone threatened by the new administration. More than 45,000 of you signed this message of solidarity.

Now we want to share this message with the world. We’ll turn this powerful message into a video — with your help — that will demonstrate that thousands of Jews are personally committed to this collective fight against the dangerous Trump agenda.

In the days ahead we’ll edit together footage from supporters across the country. Here’s how to contribute your voice to the video.

Steps to record and submit your video:

  1. Pick a place you want to record your video. Could be a quiet, meditative spot, a place that represents institutional power where you live (like your city hall), or a public landmark.

  2. Use your computer’s webcam, or your phone or camera to take your video. (If you've got a great video camera or DSLR, use that!)

  3. Record yourself, a friend, or family member(s) reading the open letter:

    An Open Letter from American Jews:

    To the millions of immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBT people, women, people with disabilities, and everyone who is threatened by the President and his administration, we want you to know: we are with you.

    We are with you now. And we will be with you every day for the next four years.

    American Jews are a multiracial and multiethnic community, and 76% of us voted against Donald Trump. We voted against him because we know all too well the dangers of fascistic regimes that rise to power through stigmatization and scapegoating of vulnerable minority populations. And we felt — in our bodies and in our bones — that Trump was presenting a vision of the country completely at odds with our Jewish and American values.

    Now, together, we face a time of profound uncertainty. We all hope that our worst fears will not be realized, but we don’t know what will happen, or what kind of help you will need. Please know that in the event of any attempt by our government to wrongfully abridge your safety, liberty, or dignity, we pledge to stand with you in solidarity, to work alongside you using all of the spiritual, political and intellectual resources we possess.

    You are not alone. We are with you.

  4. Upload your video file here.

Tips for making an effective video:

  • Choose a location with bright light.

  • If you’re filming with a built-in mic (e.g. on a cell phone), get really close to the people you’re filming so we can hear them well. If you have access to an external mic, use it! If you're filming outside, avoid windy spots.

  • Steady your camera or arm on something when filming. No need to move the camera or zoom in/out for this type of video.

Thank you!