Sign the Thank You card to Bend the Arc leaders in Atlanta

Jon Ossoff did not win the race for the seat in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. But it’s not a loss until we stop fighting, and Bend the Arc volunteers across the country are in this for the long haul.

But especially in difficult moments like these, we need to support the heroes who put their hearts into this race. The leaders of Bend the Arc's Moral Minyan in Atlanta have been in this race since the seat opened – putting in 70+ shifts (over 200 hours), with dozens of supporters showing up fiercely at events across the district.

We know that the connections they made at the local level — door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor — will outlast this special election, and set the stage for the transformation our communities and our nation need right now. The Atlanta Moral Minyan leaders are an example to us all of the strategy, courage and chutzpah of the Jewish resistance. Send them a message of solidarity.

Fill out the form to sign our Thank You card to Bend the Arc volunteers in Georgia and say: We see you, we see your hard work, we are grateful, and we are fighting alongside you.

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