Keep Bannon away from Congress

On December 14, Steve Bannon will headline a re-election fundraiser for Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York. That Bannon’s first fundraiser for a House Republican is for a Jewish Congressman is a shanda (disgrace).

As a member of Trump’s inner circle and executive chairman of Breitbart, Steve Bannon proudly foments hatred against immigrants, Muslims, people of color, women, the poor, and Jews. His platform and strategy empowered the white supremacists who violently took to the streets in Charlottesville.

Now, no longer in the White House, Bannon is setting his sights on Congress with a plan to elect extremists who support Trump and a white supremacist agenda.By hosting Bannon, Congressman Zeldin is declaring that he wants to be part of that plan too.

Our movement helped remove Bannon from the White House and now we must stop him from spreading his hateful vision for our country to Congress and beyond.

If we can put enough pressure on Zeldin to drop Bannon, we can send a strong message to every Member of Congress: Bannon and his bigotry have no place in our government.

Add your voice now to demand that Lee Zeldin disinvite Steve Bannon from his December 14 fundraiser.

1. PBS NewsHour, Bannon-sponsored candidates often picked for Trump loyalty

To Congressman Lee Zeldin:

By aligning yourself with Steve Bannon, you’re endorsing his hateful agenda for our country. His bigoted attacks on communities like immigrants and Muslim people are an insult to our Jewish history and a threat to us all.

I demand that you disinvite Bannon from your December 14 fundraiser.

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