180 for a Toomey 180°

Senator Pat Toomey has been one of the biggest boosters of Trumpcare on Capitol Hill. If he doesn’t reverse his position, he could get a lot of people killed.

That’s why Bend the Arc Pittsburgh is asking 180 American Jews—ten times “chai,” life—to call Sen. Toomey’s office and let him know: it’s time to do a 180°, Pat.

We don’t have a moment to lose—Senate Republicans could try to ram a bill through at any moment. Please call Sen. Toomey’s office at (412) 803-3501* right now and let him know you will hold him responsible for the tens of millions of Americans who could lose their health care.

Call (412) 803-3501* right now and deliver this message:

“Hi, I’m [your name], and I’m a constituent of Senator Toomey and a member of Bend the Arc Jewish Action. I’m calling to tell the Senator to vote “No” on ANY Senate health care bill that defunds or restructures Medicaid. Senator Toomey should be focused on improving the health care Pennsylvanians receive -- not on giving tax cuts to the wealthy. Any bill that defunds or restructures Medicaid will kill people.

The entire Jewish community is paying close attention to the Senator’s decision. Please pass along this message. Thank you.”

Once you’ve made your call, fill out the form below so we can count to 180.

*Having trouble getting through to that number? Try at least three times--if you still can't get through, you can call the Allentown office, (610) 434-1444, or the Johnstown office, (814) 266-5970.

180 calls