A top aide to Trump has anti-semitic, racist ties — Sign the petition demanding an investigation

If you haven’t yet – meet Sebastian Gorka – leading Islamophobe and key “anti-terrorism” advisor to President Trump with ties to racist, anti-semitic political groups in Hungary.

Sebastian Gorka has spent most of his career on the far-right fringe of the conservative movement. Now his radical views on Islam influence the President of the United States and shape unconstitutional policies like the Muslim ban.

Here are the facts that have been revealed about one of the President’s key decision makers and a close ally of white nationalist champion Steve Bannon:

  • Sebastian Gorka was appointed with no real credentials or background, other than a reputation for virulent Islamophobia. In fact, he’s unable to obtain a security clearance.
  • At the Inauguration Ball, Gorka wore the medal of a defunct, far-right, Nazi-aligned political party from Hungary.
  • On March 16, The Forward reported that Gorka is a “sworn member” of what the U.S. State Department calls a Nazi-aligned group, known as the Vitézi Rend.
  • On April 3, The Forward obtained video of Gorka in 2007 voicing his support for the far-right anti-semitic militia Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard), calling the group (which would later be shut down for promoting racial violence) a "societal need".

This is no longer just about “the alt-right” or conservative politics — this is about the possibility that a top White House official is a sworn member of a nationalist movement sympathetic to antisemitic elements, who has supported a violent militia group.

The American Jewish community — and all Americans — need to know the truth: Demand that the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee investigate Sebastian Gorka and his close ties to antisemitic, racist groups. Add your name now.

To Jason Chaffetz, House Oversight Committee Chair:

It’s completely unacceptable for someone with ties to racist, anti-semitic political groups to work as a top aide in the White House.

I demand you investigate the reports of Sebastian Gorka’s past support for the Hungarian Guard militia and his possible lifelong membership of Vitézi Rend, deemed a “Nazi-aligned group” by the U.S. State Department. We need to know the truth.

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