Why is the media still hosting Sebastian Gorka??

After the White House said nothing when a homemade bomb was thrown through a mosque window in Bloomington, Minnesota during morning prayers this weekend, Sebastian Gorka went on MSNBC to say they wanted to "wait and see" if the bombing was a fake attack "propagated by the left.”

Instead of denouncing acts of violence against a faith community in America, especially one under threat from a rise in hate crimes, Gorka was sent on TV to justify the Islamophobic inaction of the President.

It’s not the first time Trump has been silent after hate crimes, even ones where lives were taken, but it’s the first time his spokesperson has so brazenly tried to create a conspiracy theory to explain this trend, rather than acknowledge the clearly documented growth of white supremacist violence in this country.

Tell MSNBC and other outlets: Stop giving former-Trump aide Sebastian Gorka a platform for Islamophobia and alt-right propaganda.

The clear moral voices of American Jews, along with our allies, can force media outlets to respond — we will not allow this man to be given a microphone for his hate. Add your name to help build pressure.

To the President of CNBC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and FOX News:

It’s crazy that Sebastian Gorka worked in the White House. It’s even crazier that you are allowing him to appear on your networks to defend the Trump administration.

Our demand is simple: stop booking Gorka, a former top aide to Trump with well-documented antisemitic, racist, and Neo-Nazi ties.

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