Tell President Obama to Protect Muslims from Trump

With Donald Trump entering the White House next month, a “Muslim registry” is a frighteningly legitimate concern. As Jews, we know how dangerous a religious registry can be.

But a government registry of Muslims already exists and President Obama can act right now to shut it down before Trump becomes President.

The registry is actually called the National Security Exit-Entry Registration System (NSEERS), and was started by the Bush Administration in 2002. It was used to track everyone who came to the U.S. from a list of primarily Muslim-majority countries, which the Bush Administration referred to as “havens for terrorists.”1

In 2011 the Obama Administration took an important step toward suspending this program, but President Obama can and must do more to completely dismantle NSEERS before it’s too late.

Take action with us so we can bring the voices of American Jews to this important action.


1) Vox — Donald Trump’s proposed “Muslim registry,” explained

To President Obama:

As American Jews, we ask you to revoke the regulatory framework of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System. NSEERS predominantly targeted Muslim immigrants and should be dismantled before it can be used by Donald Trump to target, register and deport Muslims.

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