Let My People GOTV — October 30-31

Join a massive nationwide grassroots mobilization of the Jewish community to travel to key swing states — on Sunday, October 30 and Monday, October 31 — to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton and move forward our vision of an America rooted in justice, equity and dignity.

Working with partners in the progressive movement, you’ll get the tools and training to canvass in the states that will decide this election. Together we can help defeat Donald Trump and make it clear that the Jewish community rejects his dangerous platform of bigotry and hatred.

From select locations (NYC, SF, LA), we'll be chartering buses and renting hotel rooms so you can travel with dozens of other progressive Jews who want to make a difference in this crucial election. Everywhere else, sign up directly for shifts at a canvass site. Travel scholarships are available by request.

Find a swing state near you and sign up to do critical, high-impact election work:

Join the Jewish movement to defeat Trump

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