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Days before we begin the High Holidays — a time when Jews ask to be inscribed in the Book of Life — we affirm the right of all Americans to live free from fear of the political violence that Donald Trump's campaign has unleashed.

Together, we are creating our own Book of Life for America.

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Stronger Together!

Reject Hatred, Reject Trump!

Book of Life Page

Shanah tovah

May we ALL be inscribed in the Book of Life for America. Today I affirm those targeted by @realDonaldTrump’s hatred. #WeveSeenThisBefore

NYC action attendees adding their affirmation to the Book of...

Aber Kawas from the Arab American Association of NY at...

"America was made by immigrants"

Shana Tova

I stand with everyone who supports tolerance and despises bigotry. Wishing everyone a year of love and peace! Let us keep vision of Shimon Peres in our hearts and minds...

Together we are together

I hope this is big enough

The communities I am standing with during this election season include (but are not limited to) women, the disabled, LGBTQ, immigrants, refugees, veterans, and Social Security recipients. Trump must NOT...

Book of Life for America

I stand with Muslim Americans and immigrant communities who have been targeted by Donald Trump.