Get out the vote for Northam and Reid

We are canvassing and getting out the vote for Ralph Northam (VA Gubernatorial candidate) and David Reid (VA District 32 delegate candidate). Meet at Tifereth Israel at 1 and carpool together. We will be back before 5.
It has been very notable in our door-to-door conversations and phone calls with folks in VA that many are not aware that there is an election this year! Our problem is not in the percent of the populace, our problem is getting their voices heard. There is a lot of gerrymandering in VA that has resulted in something like a Dem vote being worth half that of a Rep vote (according to Timothy Snyder, historian and author of On Tyranny). So we need to pave the pavement and get folks to the polls.  
More on why it is important to help VA even if you don't live there:
  • Virginia's unfair voting laws make Democrats’ votes count for less. No citizen has equal representation until all have equal representation.

  • We're all connected. Virginia's semiautomatic weapons and pollutants cross state lines.

  • Virginia is the first "flippable" state. The Governor and all 100 seats in the VA House of Delegates are up for election THIS November.

July 23, 2017 at 1:00pm
Tifereth Israel
7701 16th St NW Washington, DC 20012 United States
Devora Kimelman-Block ·

Will you come?