Ok. I’m awesome and I’m going canvassing. So what should I bring?


Thank you so much for volunteering! Every shift, every conversation with a voter counts. We are only sending you to the most critical districts to win this November, so thank you for your commitment to moving this country in the right direction. For your shift, get good rest the night before, because you’ll be moving and talking a lot!

Wear comfortable shoes (sneakers preferable), a hat and sunglasses. Have your cell phone fully charged and bring your phone charger and extra battery charger if you have it (in some regions, canvassing can be done via the MiniVan app so you’ll want to start the shift at 100% charge). Bring a backpack or tote bag that you can access easily to carry your belongings. A refillable water bottle, chapstick and sunscreen will also come in handy.

Lastly, carry the reason that you are doing this work and the fact you’ve come so far with you to every conversation. We need to be all in together in order to win this, so we have to bring heart!

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